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Ruthie Blacksea
"I bring the gifts of transformation directly to you and take joy in the instant awareness that Balance Works."
–Ruthie Blacksea
  • It doesn't matter what your style, your age, your body type, or your specific daily challenges, because Balance Works is the most accessible and highly effective way to instantly feel better wherever you work, travel, or play. Using simple, adaptable yoga techniques, Balance Works customizes energizing moves to fit just about everyone.

About Balance Works

Meet Ruthie Blacksea, Balance Works owner-founder. Ms. Blacksea is a highly trained Hatha Yoga instructor who has created a program designed to take yoga into the workplace-offering people all the advantages of this ancient, healing practice right when and where they need it the most. Balance Works provides a proactive approach to employee wellness. The result of this healing program within the workplace is an overall effectiveness that's unparalleled. The moves Ruthie teaches are so simple they can be done at work, home, a hotel room, the airport and just about anywhere. The practice has been proven time and again to reduce stress and the effects from chronic illness, creating a sense of renewed wellness, enhanced clarity, creative thinking and improved communication skills. And the entire, easy process begins with learning how to breathe.

  • Use a desk, chair, or wall
  • Learn how to breath correctly
  • No mats needed
  • Wear everyday clothes
  • Lower your heart rate
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Strengthen your spine
  • Detoxify your internal organs
  • Reduce stress, increase productivity

Breathe Into Wellness

Most people aren't getting nearly as much from their breath as they should. Over time, most of us have become shallow breathers, only taking in enough air to get us through to the next breath. Balance Works teaches the art of deep breathing which cleanses and replenishes the entire body. It's amazing how fast you reach an immediate state of peacefulness and clarity just knowing how to breathe properly. Right away you are able to embrace that sense of control you thought you lost. "Balance Works-with every healthy breath you take."

Ask Ruthie

Q: Why practice yoga in the office, rather than a studio?

A: While yoga in a studio is wonderful, I realize that most of us are extremely busy and have little time left in our day to "do one more thing" or "go to one more class". So incorporating this wellness practice into your workday is a simple solution. Basically, you don't have to "go to the mountain," I've made it easy for "the mountain" to come to you!

Q: What's the most effective aspect about Balance Works in the workplace?

A: Balance Works brings yoga to the workplace, making it comfortable for employees to participate-often while simply sitting at their desks. Designed to be easy and highly effective, Balance Works works for everyone. There are no special clothes to wear, and no mats or towels to bring.

Q: What if our office has limited space but we still want to participate?

A: No problem. By using chairs, desks, walls, conference tables, I will adapt to your surroundings and make it work.

Q: Can everyone participate?

A: Absolutely. I will customize everyone's experience by modifying each technique to fit your personal health, body and scheduling issues. You will feel like you have your own personal yoga instructor-and indeed you do.

Q: I heard that you sweat a lot during yoga...What if we don't have showers on site?

A: This is not a rigorous, sweat-inducing program-unless you choose it to be. The moves are designed to work with you at your workplace.

Q: What do we need to host or sponsor Balance Works in our office?

A: Four walls, some chairs and a desire to bring wellness into your workplace.

Q: How often should we offer yoga in the workplace?

A: It's up to you and your team. There is no limit as to the positive effects of yoga in the workplace. Once-a-week is better than none at all. The more you do these moves, the more centered, balanced, calm and stress-free you'll feel.

Q: Can we sign up for a trial run?

A: Yes, contact me with your vision for your group and I can give you several suggestions that will work for your employees and your workplace.

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